Deidrägo SD Venoms Nightwatch

DOB: 02/24/2015 (Pictured at Three Years Old)

                SS: *B Heaven's Hollow Solomon
        S: *B Heaven's Hollow Sugar Daddy
                SD: 5*M SGCH Heaven's Hollow Whatchamacalit (02-05 91 VEEE)
Deidrago SD Venoms Nightwatch
                DS: +*B SG Sir Echo Ceebre (04-04 87 VEE) (2012 ADGA Nationals Premier Sire)
        D: New Dreams CB Toxic Venom (03-01 89 VEVV)
                DD: 1*M SGCH New Dreams Toxic Potion (03-05 91 EEEE) 

Linear Appraisal  DHIA
 03-05 90 VEEE AGE:  DIM - MILK - % FAT - FAT - % PRO - PRO 
 02-06 84 +VVV 03-00: 230 - 1730 -  4.3% - 74 -  3.1% - 53
 01-07 83 ++V+ 

Description: As a young doe Nightwatch was very promising, and this year she has finally started to grow into herself! She's a smaller framed doe but is very structurally correct. Nightwatch is one of those 'dark knight' types of does, who blends in with the herd and is rarely appreciated for all of her correctness. At our appraisal this year, she was commended for her balance throughout and earned some extremely nice comments. She is a doe that we have always appreciated, and we love looking at her every day. We are hoping to retain an Experimental son of hers this spring, and spread her genetics a little further across our herd.

Nightwatch has a very level topline and correct front end assembly. We love the fullness at her point of elbow and shoulder as well as her correctly placed and angulated feet and legs. Her mammary system is globular and well attached with a beautiful medial suspensory ligament. Her rear udder is high and wide with a beautiful arch and she has correct teat placement. We think Nightwatch will keep getting better with age and look forward to working with her. 

Nightwatch's 2017 daughter, Storm, is at Nevada Stars Dairy Goats with our friends Jennifer London and Mary Armstrong. We can't wait to see how she freshens for them this spring, and look forward to seeing her at Nationals! 

Nightwatch is bred to Deidrago BR Pangeas Raichu (E) for 2019 kids. (All kids Experimental)

 National Show Placings Other Achievements 
2018 7th place Three Year Old 2018 Nebraska State Fair 2nd place Three Year Old
 2018 member of 3rd place Dairy Herd Has earned 1 milking leg
 2018 member of 3rd place Best 3 Females 
 2017 18th place Two Year Old 
2016 6th place Yearling Milker 

Progeny in the Herd:

 Two Year OldMilking Yearling 
 Intermediate Kid