SGCH Deidrägo JM Mochas Nakoma

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DOB: 03/12/2013 (Pictured at Two Years Old)

                SS: +*B GCH Sir Echo Brett (05-03 90 EEE) 
                              (Littermate to SGCH Sir Echo Britti06-03 92 EEEE)
        S: New Dreams Bret Junior Mint (03-03 90 EEV)
3*M GCH New Dreams Jubilee (05-03 90 VEEE)
SGCH Deidrägo JM Mochas Nakoma
                SS: *B Udderly-Crazy Varekai 
3*M GCH White-Haven Mocha (06-01 91 VEEE) (
2010 ADGA National Champion, 2010 & 2011 ADGA Reserve Best Udder)
                DD: 2*M GCH White-Haven Choc-O-Latte (05-04 91 EEEV) (1999 ADGA Junior National Champion)

Linear Appraisal 
 02-02 87 VVVV
 06-02 91 VEEE

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Description:  Nakoma is a doe with a lot of style and presence. She is Faline's littermate sister, but is a taller doe with more strength of bone and power.  Nakoma has tremendous length and levelness of topline as well as a lot of width in the rump. She stands on excellent feet and pasterns, and has a strong front end assembly with a wide, deep chest. We love the way Nakoma balances dairy strength and body capacity- one of the things that we love about her dam line. She maintains appropriate dairy strength and is open in the ribs and long in her bone pattern. Our Appraisal in 2019 was in May, and so Nakoma was able to perform and be scored. Our appraiser had incredibly nice compliments for Nakoma, and appreciated her extreme strength and substance. We were thrilled to get a mature score on her, and elated for an EX-91!

As a first freshening two year old, we thought Nakoma was our strongest Mocha daughter. In 2016, Nakoma freshened with a lot of milk and her mammary system was well attached and impressive. We were so excited about her future and potential within our herd. Very sadly, she contracted severe mastitis in the spring of 2016, but thankfully we were able to pull her through with dedicated treatment and management. The mastitis was hard on her mammary system and she lost milking function of the left half of mammary system. She will remain at Deidrägo as a very important part of our breeding program. We believe Nakoma is one of the best does we have had the pleasure to own, and look forward to her continued contribution through her progeny. We'll take as many babies as she will give us! 

We have used two Nakoma sons so far in our breeding program, and are excited about being able to spread her influence within our herd. We are also excited to have her 2018 daughter, Sun-Sweet Berry, who is one of our strongest younger does. Of course, we have had a lot of maternal relatives of Nakoma (SGCH Rajah, SGCH Faline, SGCH Leia, SG Belle), in addition to SGCH Esmeralda living in our dear friends' herd (Blissberry Dairy Goats). We also have used Nakoma's maternal brother, Kovu. Most of our American Oberhasli herd is closely related to this family.

 National Show Placings Other Achievements 
2014 10th place Senior Yearling 2015 Kansas State Fair 2nd place Two Year Old
 2013 10th place Intermediate Kid 2013 Nebraska State Fair Reserve Junior Champion

Progeny in the Herd:
2018- Sun-Sweet Berry
2020- Pocahontas

 Two Year OldSenior Yearling 
 Intermediate Kid

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