SGCH Deidrägo JM Mochas Faline

2018 ADGA National Reserve Best Udder

DOB: 03/12/2013 (Pictured at Five Years Old)

                SS: +*B GCH Sir Echo Brett (05-03 90 EEE) 
                              (Littermate to SGCH Sir Echo Britti06-03 92 EEEE)
        S: New Dreams Bret Junior Mint (03-03 90 EEV)
3*M GCH New Dreams Jubilee (05-03 90 VEEE)
SGCH Deidrägo JM Mochas Faline
                SS: *B Udderly-Crazy Varekai 
        D: 3*M GCH White-Haven Mocha (06-01 91 VEEE) (2010 ADGA National Champion, 2010 & 2011 ADGA Reserve Best Udder)
                DD: 2*M GCH White-Haven Choc-O-Latte (05-04 91 EEEV) (1999 ADGA Junior National Champion)

Linear Appraisal  DHIA
 05-04 91 VEEE AGE:  DIM - MILK - % FAT - FAT - % PRO - PRO 
 03-06 90 VVVE 05-00: 230 - 2270 -  5.0% - 112 -  3.6% - 82
 02-02 86 VV+V 

Description:  Faline is everything that we hoped she would be, especially after seeing her promise as a young doe. She has matured beautifully and is also one of the sweetest goats in the herd (she even loves being clipped!). We love Faline's balance throughout- she is representative of the style our breeding program strives for. Faline excels in general appearance, not only having a pretty head, but also a correct long, wide topline and strong feet and legs. She also excels in dairy strength, having a long neck, correct openness and angularity while maintaining appropriate strength and substance. We are very impressed with Faline's mammary system, especially her beautiful rear udder shape and strength of attachments all around. She has a correctly shaped mammary system that shows balance from the side, with a capacious fore udder. We were saddened when a pregnancy loss in 2017 kept Faline at home, but she came back this year in 2018 like we were hoping for!

We used Faline's 2016 son, Ronno, in our herd and currently have one retained daughter, Oasis. Faline's 2016 daughter, CH Marena, is with our friends at Nevada Stars Dairy Goats and has been a competitive doe for them! We couldn't be more happy to see our animals excel in other herds. Of course, we have a lot of maternal relatives of Faline (SGCH Rajah, SGCH Nakoma, SGCH Leia, SG Belle), in addition to SGCH Esmeralda living in our dear friends' herd (Blissberry Dairy Goats). We also have Faline's maternal brother, Kovu. Most of our American Oberhasli herd is closely related to this family.

Faline is bred to Deidrago BR Whats Skor for 2019 kids.

 National Show Placings Other Achievements 
 2018 ADGA Reserve Best Udder 11x Best of Breed
 2018 1st/1st udder Five and Six Year Old 2016 Nebraska State Fair Best of Breed and Best Udder of Breed
 2018 member of 3rd place Produce of Dam  2016 Nebraska State Fair Senior Champion
 2018 member of 3rd place Dairy Herd 2015 Kansas State Fair Reserve Senior Champion
 2018 member of 3rd place Best 3 Females 2015 Minnesota State Fair 2nd place Two Year Old
 2016 5th/3rd udder Three Year Old 2014 Nebraska State Fair Reserve Senior Champion
 2016 member of 1st place Dairy Herd 2014 Nebraska State Fair 1st place Yearling Milker
 2016 member of 2nd place Best 3 Females 2014 District V Speciality Reserve Senior Champion
 2016 member of 1st place Produce of Dam 
 2014 10th place Yearling Milker 
 2013 13th place Intermediate Kid 

Progeny in the Herd:

 Three Year OldTwo Year Old 
 Yearling MilkerIntermediate Kid