Deidrago BR Kersees Rhea

DOB: 03/16/2016 (Pictured at Two Years Old)

                SS: New Dreams W Licorice (AB)
        S: +B New Dreams L Fudge Brownie (06-04 88 VVE) (2018 Premier Sire (Experimental))
                SD: 3*M GCH White-Haven Vanilla Fudge (E) (03-01 91 EEEE) 
Deidrägo BR Kersees Rhea
                DS: +*B SG Kastdemur‟s Tach Lach (03-01 88 VEE)
        D: 5*M SGCH Tempo Kersee (03-06 90 VEEE) (L)
                DD: 4*M SG Tempo Jamie (06-04 89 VVEE)

Linear Appraisal  DHIA
 01-05 85 VVVV AGE:  DIM - MILK - % FAT - FAT - % PRO - PRO 

 01-11: 252 - 2471 -  3.4%  - 83 -  2.9% - 71

Description: Rhea is a young doe that reminds us a lot of her dam, SGCH Kersee. Kersee was one of our original foundation LaManchas, and we are so happy to have Rhea retained within our herd. We look forward to eventually having this dam line influence our American Oberhasli herd. Rhea is a correct productive, yet somewhat immature, young doe. We are excited to watch her change over the next few years, as her dam was more and more beautiful every year.

We really appreciate structural correctness across the board. She is wide and flat in the rump from thurl to thurl, and has a very strong chine and loin. She has a correct and straight column of bone, with beautiful front legs that ties into a correct front end assembly. She needs some time to develop more width and depth (and a different colored background for her photos!). Rhea's mammary system is productive and well attached, with a beautiful shape. We love the capacity and width to her fore udder, and can't wait to see what she looks like when she grows into herself a little more.

We were lucky to get a son from Rhea, Dionysus, in 2017 that met Oberhasli breed standard. He is currently residing in the Nevada* Stars herd, and we look forward to seeing his daughters here freshen this spring. 

Rhea is AIed to Kara-Kahl Argento (Purebred Alpine) for 2019 kids!

 National Show Placings Other Achievements 
 2018 8th place Two Year Old 2018 Nebraska State Fair 3rd place Two Year Old
 2017 3rd place Yearling Milker 2017 Minnesota State Fair 2nd place Yearling Milker
 2017 member of 1st place Senior Get of Sire
 2017 Nebraska State Fair 2nd place Yearling Milker

 Milking YearlingIntermediate Kid