CH Deidrägo MONY BuckwheatHopluia

DOB: 04/01/2015 (Pictured at Three Years Old)

                SS: ++*B Pleasant-Grove Super Saga (05-04 90 VEE) (5x Premier Sire)
        S: Pleasant-Grove Saga Money (A)
                SD: SGCH Pleasant-Grove Super Mink (05-05 91 EEEE)
CH Deidrägo MONY Buckwheat Hopluia
                DS: New Dreams K Toxic Elixir 
        D: New Dreams EX Buckwheat (03-02 89 VEVV) (AB)
                DD: 1*M GCH New Dreams Semi-Sweet (02-07 88 VVVV) 

Linear Appraisal  DHIA
 03-03 89 VEEE AGE:  DIM - MILK - % FAT - FAT - % PRO - PRO 
 02-04 90 EVEE 05-01: 188 - 1855 -  3.0% - 56 -  2.9% - 53
 01-06 87 VVVV 

Description: Hopluia (or Hoppy) is the product of an interesting and exciting AI breeding. After seeing a picture of a lovely Money daughter, GCH Pleasant-Grove Money Miami, on Facebook, we knew we wanted to incorporate his genetics into our Experimental breeding program. Not only was Miami a lovely solid black Alpine doe with a gorgeous mammary system, but we have long admired Super Saga and his offspring. We had already once crossed Saga into our Oberhasli, with lovely results.

Hopluia's mammary system is everything we could have hoped for, with a large area of attachment and a beautiful shape. Her fore udder is capacious with strong lateral attachment, and she has a beautiful rear udder arch. Her medial suspensory is strong, and she has beautiful teat size, shape and placement. We are so excited with her mammary system that we hope to retain a son to use in our breeding program. Hopluia is also is strong in general appearance, having a wide loin and rump, correct depth of heart and fullness at the point of shoulder. We love this doe and are excited to watch her develop and mature with us.

Hopluia is bred to Deidrägo SK Nakomas Chesapeake for 2019 kids..

 National Show Placings Other Achievements 
 2018 4th/3rd udder Three Year Old 2018 Nebraska State Fair Reserve Senior Champion
 2018 member of 1st place Dairy Herd2018 Nebraska State Fair 1st place Three Year Old
 2018 member of 1st place Best 3 Females2017 Minnesota State Fair 1st place Two Year Old
 2017 1st/1st udder Two Year Old2017 Nebraska State Fair 1st place Two Year Old
 2017 member of 2nd place Dairy Herd 2016 Minnesota State Fair 1st place Yearling Milker
 2017 member of 2nd place Best 3 Females 2016 Nebraska State Fair 1st place Yearling Milker
 2016 4th/3rd udder Yearling Milker 2015 Nebraska State Fair Reserve Junior Champion
 2016 member of 2nd place Dairy Herd 
 2016 member of 2nd place Best 3 Females 

Progeny in the Herd:
2018 - Ad Adstra
2018 - Amber Pietra

 Two Year OldYearling Milker
 Intermediate Kid