Kara-Kahl PGW Ansari

DOB: 03/01/2013 (Pictured at One Year Old)       

                 SS: YBNVS Revolutionary Zen
        S: Pleasant-Grove Zen Wingding
                SD: SGCH Kickapoo-Valley Saga Whimper (05-06 92 EEEE)
Kara-Kahl PGW Ansari
                DS: Pleasant-Grove Amen Longitude
        D: GCH Kara-Kahl PGL Arugula (05-03 88 ++EE)
                DD: SGCH Kara-Kahl Sauvignon Aware (07-06 92 EEEE)

Linear Appraisal   DHIA
 01-03 83 +VVV  AGE:  DIM - MILK - FAT % - FAT - PRO % - PRO
   01-00: 211 - 1472 - 125 -  2.9% - 43 -  2.9% - 43

Description: Ansari is a beautiful yearling milker who was entrusted to us by our friends at Kara-Kahl and Legendairy Dairy Goats! Thank you so much Emily, Anna, Mary and Doug for letting Ansari come home and be a part of our Experimental breeding program. Ansari is a full sister to the one and only GCH Kara-Kahl PGW Akebono (03-02 92 EEEE). We first saw Akebono when she was 1st/1st udder yearling milker at the 2016 ADGA Nationals. Akebono has already had quite an impressive show career, including 2x Best Senior Doe in Show as well as being the 2018 Minnesota and Iowa State Fair Best of Breed.

Ansari is a doe that excels in her strength of mammary system, correctness in dairy strength and general appearance. Her mammary system is very well attached and has beautiful height to her rear udder and capacity and shape to her fore udder. In dairy strength, she has a beautiful long neck, a clean thigh and flank and natural angularity throughout. We love her strength of chine, levelness of loin and fullness at the point of elbow and shoulder. We are very excited to see Ansari mature with us. 

Ansari is bred to Blissberry NDFB King Louie II for 2019 kids.

 National Show Placings  Other Achievements 
 2018 16th place Yearling Milker  2018 Nebraska State Fair 3rd place Yearling Milker

 Intermediate Kid