Semen For Sale

Please contact us at to inquire about semen. Any semen sold must be paid for in full before the semen is considered reserved. All semen must be picked up by December 31st of that year or the ownership reverts back to Deidrago. The prices listed on this page are the most current and accurate. Transport for semen to ADGA Nationals every summer and any show we attend is normally available. Thank you for your interest in our herd. 

Oberhasli Herdsires:

 +*B SG White-Haven 'N Trust (collection date: 12-14-2006) $150/5 straw unit
 *B New Dreams BH Jolly Rancher $150/5 straw unit
 +B Ober-D'Rainbow TR Winchester $150/5 straw unit
 *B New Dreams JR Toxic Poison    $125/5 straw unit
 New Dreams K Toxic Elixir $100/5 straw unit
 New Dreams Bret Junior Mint $200/5 straw unit
 Deidrago TRST 'NCendio $100/5 straw unit
 Deidrago SKFL Falines Ronno $100/5 straw unit
 +B New Dreams L Fudge Brownie (Experimental; Kids are American) $250/5 straw unit
  *B Deidrago BH Mochas Kovu (Experimental; Kids are American) $200/5 straw unit
 Deidrago BR Pangeas Raichu (Experimental; Kids are Experimental) $100/5 straw unit
 *B Deidrago BR Whats Skor $150/5 straw unit

Nubian Herdsires:
 *B Blissberry Almost Had You $150/5 straw unit

Other Oberhasli Semen:
 Body-Shops CLLJ Tortollini $20/straw
 Body-Shops MCBJ Blackstrap $20/straw
 Brackett's Sunburst Escudo $20/straw
 Destiny Farm Attribute $20/straw
 Destiny Farm Starman $20/straw
 Eden-Hill STAC Roulette $10/straw
 Loughlin's Playing With Fire $20/straw
 New Dreams Captain Morgan $10/straw
 New Dreams JR Turtle Blizzard (E; kids are AB) $10/straw
 Ober-D'Rainbow Troubeaudor $25/straw
 Seneca-Valley's Felix $25/straw
 Tonka-Tails Captan O The Watch $20/straw
 Tonka-Tails Earl of Kensington  $20/straw
 Tonka-Tails Highland Minstrel $20/straw
 Tonka-Tails Lancaster Lad $20/straw
 Tonka-Tails Lincolnshire Lad $20/straw
 White-Haven Big Hunk $25/straw
 White-Haven Jocularity $20/straw
 White-Haven Krescendo $20/straw
 White-Haven 'N Dure $15/straw
 White-Haven 'N Tourage $10/straw
 White-Haven Spirit $15/straw
 Y-Knot Lynx's Country Parson $20/straw
 Y-Knot Time's Blackjack $20/straw