Reference- Ober-D'Rainbow TR Winchester

DOB: 03/01/2006

                SS: *B GCH Erin-Go-Bragh BST Beauregard
        S: +B Ober-D'Rainbow Troubeaudour
                SD: SGCH Trickle Creek A. Lilly (03-04 90 VEEE)
+B Ober-D'Rainbow TR Winchester 
                DS: *B Body-Shops Adolpha's Kirsch
        D: Ober-D'Rainbow Bak Matutina
                DD: 1*M GCH Echo-Hollow's TS Buenos Dias

Pictured as a Senior Kid

Description: Winchester was a buck who has provided a strong foundation for our herd. When we owned him, we only bred him to a select number of does, and all of his offspring have been improvements over their dams and structurally sound. We appreciated Winchester's overall style and balance of sharpness and dairy character with smoothness of blending and body capacity. This elegant, dairy style is something that he has passed on consistently to his daughters and sons. His offspring also have improved length of rump, smoothness of back, and his fresh daughters have improved length of mammary systems and overall udder attachment. We plan to use Winchester in the future with AI, and look forward to continuing to use his genetics in our herd. We have been extremely pleased with Winchester and his offspring. 

Semen is available for $30/straw or $125 per unit

National Show Placings:
2012 2nd place Senior Get of Sire
2010 4th place Senior Get of Sire

Other Achievements:
2011 District 5 Speciality 1st place Senior Get of Sire
2010 District 5 Speciality 1st place Senior Get of Sire
Sire of 2009 Colorama Doe, Sundae

Daughter: SGCH New Dreams Toxic Potion (
03-05 91 VEEE) pictured as a three year old

Daughter: SGCH New Dreams W Fudge Frosting (02-06 89 VEEE) pictured as a four year old

2012 ADGA Nationals Senior Get of Sire (SGCH Sundae, Flirty, SGCH Frosting)

2010 ADGA Nationals Senior Get of Sire (CH Tripoly, SGCH Toxic, SGCH Frosting)

2009 Senior Get of Sire (SGCH Toxic, CH Tripoly, SGCH Frosting)