Reference- *B New Dreams JR Turtle Blizzard

DOB: 04/04/2010

                SS: *B White-Haven Big Hunk 
        S: *B New Dreams BH Jolly Rancher
                SD: 2*M SGCH New Dreams Ju Ju Bee (03-02 90 VEVE) 
*B New Dreams JR Turtle Blizzard 
                DS: +B Erin-Go-Bragh BST Beauregard 
        D: 3*M GCH White-Haven Truffle (06-02 90 VEEE)
                DD: 2*M GCH White-Haven Choc-O-Latte (05-04 91 EEEV) (J CH: 1999)

Pictured as a Two Year Old

Description: Turtle Blizzard is an experimental buck who has American daughters when bred to American Oberhaslis. Turtle Blizzard excels in length of body, size and scale, and correctness to the front end assembly. He also has a lot of strength of bone, standing on strong pasterns and having correct rear legs. He reminds us a lot of his sire, with a correct and balanced head and a lot of openness throughout.

GCH Truffle was always one of our favorite does, and excelled in the shape and attachment of her mammary system. She was also a very tall and deep bodied doe that maintained strength in dairy character. Turtle Blizzard's kids have been consistently large framed, long bodied, and strong on their feet and legs. They show good openness and dairy character throughout while maintaining their strength of bone. 

Semen is available for $25/straw or $100 per unit

Other Achievements:
2012 Minnesota State Fair 1st place Junior Get of Sire
Sire of 2011 2nd place Recorded Grade Senior Kid, Paradizo

Dam: GCH White-Haven Truffle (06-02 90 VEEE) 
Lifetime Production at 2010 ADGA Nationals
12th place Five and Six Year Old at 2010 ADGA Nationals
3rd place/ 3rd udder Four Year Old at 2008 ADGA Nationals
7th place Three Year Old at 2007 ADGA Nationals
10th place Two Year Old at 2006 ADGA Nationals

Daughter: New Dreams TB Paradizo Dance (Recorded Grade)
 2nd place Senior Kid at 2011 ADGA Nationals

Paternal Granddam: 2*M SGCH New Dreams Ju Ju Bee (03-02 90 VEVE)
5th place Four Year Old at 2009 ADGA Nationals
8th place Two Year Old at 2007 ADGA Nationals