Reference- GCH New Dreams Semi-Sweet

DOB: 02/15/2008

                SS: +*B Tonka-Tails Viking Legend (02-04 90 EVE)
        S: *B White-Haven Big Hunk
                SD: 4*M SGCH White-Haven Toblerone (05-05 91 EEEE) (GCH: 2007)
1*M GCH New Dreams Semi-Sweet
                DS: +*B Erin-Go-Bragh WHM Beau
        D: New Dreams Survivor
                DD: Body-Shops PLL Semolina

Pictured at Four Years Old
LA: 02-07 88 VVVV

Description: SemiSweet is a doe that we really loved for her overall style and length of body. We always had a lot of does in her age division, including SGCH Frosting, GCH Jubilee, GCH Twist and GCH Violet, so SemiSweet had a limited show career. SemiSweet is exciting because she goes back to one of our original Oberhaslis from Karyl Dronen- Body-Shops PLL Semolina. We think SemiSweet is still very representative of the type of dairy goat we love. She shows a lot of body capacity and smoothness of blending throughout. She excels in general appearance, having a long, level and wide topline with strong feet and legs. SemiSweet has the type of mammary system that we are trying to breed for- high and wide in the rear udder and correctly capacious. 

We have retained SemiSweet's daughter Buckwheat. This kid excels in length of body and overall style, and we look forward to watching her mature. SemiSweet now resides in the Fixer-Up herd. 

National Show Placings:
2012 13th place Four Year Old

Other Achievements:
Dam of the 2012 Raffle Kid, Polenta
1x Best Junior Doe In Show

Three Year Old, 18 months into lactation