Reference- Deidrago SKFL Falines Ronno

DOB: 03/04/2016

                SS: *B New Dreams JR Permafrost
        S: ---------------------
                SD: ---------------------
Deidrago SKFL Falines Ronno
                DS: New Dreams Bret Junior Mint (03-03 90 EEV)
        D: SGCH Deidrago JM Mochas Faline (
03-06 90 VVVE)
3*M GCH White-Haven Mocha (06-01 91 VEEE) (GCH: 2010)

Pictured as a Intermediate Kid

Description: Ronno is the product of an outcross AI, and we had high hopes for him in our breeding program. We made the decision in the fall of 2017 to move him onto a different herd, as he had very little usability within our breeding program. We hope they have success with his genetics, and look forward to his influence there. 

Ronno excels in general appearance and body capacity. We appreciate his length of topline, levelness in the loin, and strength of pasterns. Also in general appearance, we appreciate his balance of head and correctness and width in the rump from thurl to thurl. In body capacity, Ronno not only has the strength and substance to be a larger framed buck, but is deep in the chest and extended in the brisket.

Semen is available for $100/5 straw unit. 

Dam: SGCH Deidrago JM Mochas Faline (03-06 90 VVVE)
5th/3rd udder Three Year Old at the 2016 ADGA Nationals
10th place Yearling Milker at the 2014 ADGA Nationals