Reference- New Dreams E Corteos Rivendale

DOB: 05/04/2012 
New Dreams E Corteos Rivendale

                SS: *B Kastdemur’s Dasani (02-06 88 VEE) 
        S: *B Heart Mt Dasani New Era 
                SD: 1*M GCH Becca’s Tweed Nuisance (06-07 91 EEEE) 
New Dreams E Corteos Rivendale 
                DS: +*B SG Kastdemur’s Tach Lach (03-01 88 VEE)
        D: 3*M SGCH Barnowl Corteo (03-02 89 VEVE) 
                DD: 2*M GCH Barnowl Cirque du Soleil (03-00 87 VVVV) 

LA: 03-00 87 VVVV

Pictured at three years old

Description: Rivendale is a slower maturing type of doe who shows us a lot of correctness throughout. She is strong in general appearance, being level across the topline and smoothly blended in the front end assembly. Rivendale's mammary system is well attached and has an impressive rear view. Her medial suspensory is strong, and her rear and fore attachments are smoothly blended. We sadly did not get any kids to retain out of Rivendale.

Other Achievements: 
2015 Minnesota State Fair 2nd place Three Year Old
2013 Nebraska State Fair 3rd place Senior Yearling 
2013 Iowa State Fair 2nd place Senior Yearling 

Two Year Old

Junior Yearling

Junior Kid