Reference- *B New Dreams JR Toxic Poison

DOB: 03/07/2010

                SS: *B White-Haven Big Hunk
        S: *B New Dreams BH Jolly Rancher (05-03 90 VEE)
                SD: 2*M SGCH New Dreams Ju Ju Bee  (03-02 90 VEVE)
*B New Dreams JR Toxic Poison
                DS: SG Ober-D'Rainbow TR Winchester
        D: 1* M SGCH New Dreams Toxic Potion (03-05 91 VEEE)
                DD: SG New Dreams K Jasmine Potion (01-06 86 VEVV)

LA: 05-02 89 VEE
Pictured as a Four Year Old

Description: Poison is a handsome buck that we were able to bring back into the herd in 2013. Thanks goes out to Body-Shops for letting this guy come back to us! We love the strength and power Poison shows us. He has correct strength of bone with strong feet and legs. He exhibits outstanding depth to his heart girth with correct extension of brisket. Poison also shows us great strength in general appearance, having a beautifully level topline and blending smoothly from loin into rump. He also has a correct front end assembly and a balanced head. We love looking into the pen and seeing Poison- it's nice to own a beautiful buck!

Poison's dam is one of our personal favorite does, and his full sister Addiction was one of our most promising. We are excited to have this combination of pedigree in a herdsire, and look forward to his future offspring within our herd. Poison's 2014 daughter Deidrago PO Flirtatious Tease was 4th place at the 2014 ADGA Nationals. We have retained one of Poison's 2016 daughter, Deidrago PO Little Diamonds, who freshened with a beautiful mammary system as a yearling milker!

Semen available for
 $100/5 straw unit

Dam: 1*M SGCH New Dreams Toxic Potion (03-05 91 VEEE) (pictured at 3 years old)
3rd place/ 2nd udder Four Year Old at 2011 ADGA Nationals
7th place Three Year Old at 2010 ADGA Nationals
4th place/ 3rd udder Two Year Old at 2009 ADGA Nationals

Dam's Dam: SG New Dreams K Jasmine Potion (01-06 86 VEVV) (pictured 12 hours in milk at 3 years old)

Sire's Dam: 2*M SGCH New Dreams Ju Ju Bee (03-02 90 VEVE) (pictured at 4 years old)
5th place Four Year Old at 2009 ADGA Nationals
8th place Two Year Old at 2007 ADGA Nationals