Reference- CH New Dreams W Wanetas Pandora

DOB: 03/01/2008

                SS: +B Ober-D’Rainbow Troubeaudour (03-06 88 VEE)
        S: +B Ober-D’Rainbow TR Winchester (AB)
                SD: Ober-D’Rainbow Bak Matutina
CH New Dreams W Wanetas Pandora
                DS: Krishellen Rembrandt
        D: 1*M sasnaK’s Waneta (L)
                DD: One*Oak*Hill Jansen Jetta

LA: 05-01 88 VVVV

Description: Pandora's breeding was one looking to optimize the body capacity, smoothness, and globular mammary system of the LaMancha breed with the dairy character, angularity, and strength of pasterns of the Oberhasli breed. (Opening Pandora's Box?) We think we have achieved what we were looking to combine, and really appreciate Pandora's strengths in these areas. We love her correctness to feet and legs, and extremely globular rear udder. She has the extreme smoothness in both her body and mammary system that we hope to work into our Oberhasli herd. Although Pandora could stand to be a little more productive and a little cleaner throughout, she is still an elegant doe with a long neck and open ribs. 

We have retained Pandora's 2013 doeling Pangea and 2014 doeling Mad Moxxi. We are pleased with the balance throughout of these doelings, and look forward to their future.

National Show Placings:
2012 6th place Four Year Old
2011 2nd place/ 2nd udder Three Year Old
2009 9th place Two Year Old

Other Achievements:
2012 Minnesota State Fair Reserve Senior Champion
2011 Nebraska State Fair Reserve Senior Champion

Five Year Old

Four Year Old

Three Year Old

Two Year Old

Dry Yearling