Reference- Deidrägo RO Moxxis Oasis

DOB: 03/10/2017 

                SD: CH Deidrägo JM Mochas Faline (05-04 91 VEEE)
Deidrägo RO Moxxis Oasis
                DS: +B New Dreams L Fudge Brownie 
        D: CH Deidrägo BR Pandoras Mad Moxxi (04-04 91 EEEE)
                DD: CH New Dreams W Wanetas Pandora (05-01 88 VVVV)

Linear Appraisal  DHIA
 02-02 85 +++E AGE:  DIM - MILK - % FAT - FAT - % PRO - PRO 
 01-04 86 VV+V 
  01-01: 180 - 1382 -  3.6% - 50 -  3.4% - 47

Description: Oasis is a beautiful yearling milker that we are very excited about. She looks so much like a mix between her dam, CH Moxxi, and her paternal granddam, SGCH Faline! She is a productive young doe that is earning her place here in our herd. We are pretty excited to see if she matures like both sides of her family. As a kid, Oasis fractured a bone in her right rear pastern, but she thankfully healed very quickly and recovered well. Although the fracture was only partial, that pastern is a little off. 

We really admire Oasis's dairy strength and maturity in mammary system and general appearance. Not only does she have impressive will to milk as a yearling, but she is also angular and open while maintaining appropriate substance of bone. We really appreciate her width of rear, height of arch, and strength of medial suspensory ligament. Her mammary system is also correct in shape and capacity to fore udder. Oasis also is strong in general appearance, having a tight and smoothly blended front end assembly, a long and level rump, and a strong back. 

Oasis is bred to Deidrägo BR Pangeas Raichu for 2019 kids.

 National Show Placings Other Achievements 
 2018 5th place Yearling Milker 
 2018 member of 2nd place Dam & Daughter
 2017 8th place Intermediate Kid 

Two Year Old 
Yearling Milker  Intermediate Kid