Reference- GCH Heart Mt Dasani Nuance

DOB: 04/20/2008

                SS: ++B Autumn-Acres Black Zephyr (02-03 90 VEE)
        S: +*B Kastdemur’s Dasani (02-06 88 VEE)
                SD: 2*M SGCH Kastdemur’s Evian (05-06 94 EEEE) (RCH: 2006 GCH: 2008, 2009)
2*M GCH Heart Mt Dasani Nuance
                DS: ++*B One*Oak*Hill MAC Tumbleweed (07-02 91 EEE)
        D: 1*M GCH Becca’s Tweed Nuisance (06-07 91 EEEE)
                DD: Quixote Nori (04-00 88 VEEE)

LA: 05-01 91 VEEE

Description: We are pleased to have Nuance in our herd. She has been a slower maturing animal, but as a five year old is really coming into herself. She is the type of dairy goat that we love- balanced on the scorecard with extreme correctness in dairy character and mammary system. She is a very productive doe, and is very open and angular throughout. We also love her length and cleanness of neck. Nuance has a correct shape and capacity to her mammary system, especially notable in her high and wide rear udder. She has strong mammary attachments overall and a beautiful medial suspensory ligament. Nuance also shows good strength in general appearance, with a long topline and strong feet and legs. We sadly lost Nuance in the spring of 2014. She will be missed, but her influence will remain within our herd. 

Nuance is the littermate sister to our foundation LaMancha herdsire, Era. We have retained her 2013 daughter, Karma, who is a spitting image of Nuance herself. 

National Show Placings:
2013 12th place 5&6 Year Old
2009 7th place Senior Yearling

Other Achievements:
2013 Minnesota State Fair Best of Breed
2013 Nebraska State Fair Best of Breed
2013 Iowa State Fair 2nd place Champion Challenge
2011 Minnesota State Fair Reserve Senior Champion

Five Year Old

Three Year Old

Two Year Old

Dry Yearling