Deidrago BB Fires Mellark

DOB: 04/07/17

                SS *B Wingwood Farm Lucky Tolkien 
        S: *B Blissberry Bada Bing Bada Boom
                SD: 5*M SGCH Blissberry Bing Bang Boom (02-05 89 VEVE)
Deidrago BB Fires Mellark (AI)
                DS: *B GCH Blissberry MW Rocketeer (04-02 91 EEE) 
        D: Blissberry Catching Fire (02-04 86 +VEV)
                DD: 5*M GCH Blissberry Catch Me If You Can (05-03 92 EEEE)

Pictured as a Junior Kid

Description: Mellark is an young AI buck by a very exciting herdsire in the Blissberry herd. He has sired several does that have won Best Junior Doe in Show, including our very own Juicy Fruit! Bada Bing's full sister, Bling, freshened with a beautiful mammary system with a large are of attachment. Mellark's dam, Catching Fire, is a foundation doe for our Nubian herd and resembles the balance of the scorecard we strive to breed for. Mellark has a pedigree that really excels in cleanliness, dairy strength, and strength of rear udder. We look forward to using Mellark on a less related doe for 2018 kids. 

Mellark is a very clean and long bone patterned buck, exceling in dairy strength. He is also correct in general appearance, having a correct front end assembly and strong feet and legs. He is a well balanced buck that should grow into being a tall and long yearling! 

Dam: Blissberry Catching Fire (02-04 +VEV)
2016 Reserve Senior Champion at the Nebraska State Fair
Blissberry Catching Fire

Paternal Sister: Blissberry BB Juicy Fruit
2017 Junior Champion at the Nebraska State Fair
2017 Best Junior Doe in Show at the Nebraska State Fair