Reference- SGCH Tempo Kersee

DOB: 03/11/2007

                SS: ++*B Kastdemur‟s Sting
        S: +*B SG Kastdemur‟s Tach Lach (03-01 88 VEE)
            SD: 2*M SGCH Kastdemur‟s Evian (05-06 94 EEEE) (RCH: 2006 GCH: 2008, 2009)
5*M SGCH Tempo Kersee
                DS: +B SG Kickapoo-Valley Travis
        D: 4*M SG Tempo Jamie (06-04 89 VVEE)
                DD: 3*M SGCH Tempo Nadia (05-01 91 EEEE)

LA: 03-06 90 VEEE

Pictured at Five Years Old

Description: Kersee was Megan's first chocolate LaMancha--the color that made her fall in love with the breed. She is a very special doe and has been very solid and competitive throughout the years. Kersee is strong in general appearance, being very smoothly blended and strong on her feet and legs. She has a beautiful front end assembly, blending well at the point of shoulder, elbow, and crops. She is a wide, level topline with a beautiful, flat rump.. Her mammary system is extremely well attached with a strong medial suspensory ligament and globular shape. She excels in the width of fore udder attachment and capacity to her fore udder. Kersee is a doe that has maintained well into maturity, showing the balance of a long-lived dairy goat. We sadly lost Kersee in the spring of 2016.

We have Kersee's 2016 daughter, Rhea (experimental), and Rhea's son, Dionysus in the herd.

Other Achievements:
2012 Minnesota State Fair Best of Breed and Best Udder of Breed
1x Best Junior Doe in Show
1x Best Senior Doe in Show
2011 Nebraska State Fair 2nd place Champion Challenge
2010 Nebraska State Fair Senior Champion and Best of Breed
2010 District 5 Speciality Senior Champion and Best of Breed

Four Year Old

Three Year Old

Two Year Old