Reference- Deidrago BR Intoxicated Karaoke

DOB: 03/12/2014
Deidrago BR Intoxicated Karaoke

                SS: New Dreams W Licorice (AB)
        S: +B New Dreams L Fudge Brownie (06-04 88 VVE)
                SD: 3*M GCH White-Haven Vanilla Fudge (E) (03-01 91 EEEE) 
Deidrago BRIntoxicated Karaoke
                DS: +*B SG Sir Echo Ceebre (04-04 87 VEE) (Premier Sire: 2012)
        D: CH New Dreams CB Intoxication (05-04 88 VEEV)
                DD: 1* M SGCH New Dreams Toxic Potion (03-05 91 VEEE)

Pictured as Senior Yearling

DescriptionKaraoke was one of our favorite kids in 2014, and was a very exciting senior yearling in 2015. She has tremendous correctness in general appearance, very notable in her long, lovely topline and beautiful width of loin and rump. She exhibits a lot of correctness in dairy strength, being lean in the neck and open throughout. In 2016, she freshened with a beautifully attached mammary system. Sadly, Karaoke contracted mastitis shortly after freshening and became off balance. She has been retired from the milk string, although her mammary system is still functional. Maybe one of these years she will come in balanced and can rejoin the milk and show string! 

Intermediate Kid