Reference- GCH New Dreams Jubilee

DOB: 02/07/2008

                SS: +*B Tonka-Tails Viking Legend (02-04 90 EVE) 
        S: *B White-Haven Big Hunk 
                SD: 4*M SGCH White-Haven Toblerone (05-05 91 EEEE) (GCH: 2007) 
3*M GCH New Dreams Jubilee 
                DS: Eden-Hill Stac Roulette 
        D: 2*M SGCH New Dreams Ju Ju Bee (03-02 90 VEVE)
                DD: 1*M New Dreams Gigi

LA: 05-03 90 VEEE
02-07 85 V+++
Pictured at Four Years Old

Description: Jubilee is a doe that excels in smoothness of blending, length of body, and overall body capacity. We love Jubilee's general appearance including her strong feet and legs, her smoothness and length of topline and her tight front end assembly at both the point of elbow and point of shoulder. She also maintains a lot of openness and length of neck while having great width, depth and length in body capacity. Possibly Jubilee's most notable strength is that of her shape of rear udder. She has extreme width of rear udder with a beautiful, high rear udder arch. She is also a productive doe, peaking in 2013 above 14 pounds per day. 

Jubilee has been most influential in our herd through the use of her sons. We had Jubilee's 2010 buckling, Licorice, in our herd for a couple of years (sire to our senior herdsire, New Dreams L Fudge Brownie) Licorice's littermate sister, Decadence, was in the Ober-Boerd herd.  We had also retained Jubilee's 2012 son, Junior Mint, and 2014 son, 'Ncendio. Both have produced very exciting and correct daughters for us. Jubilee's littermate brother, Jolly Rancher, was our primary senior herdsire and has his genetics widely incorporated throughout our herd as well.

National Show Placings:
2012 14th place Four Year Old
2011 4th place/3rd udder Three Year Old
2010 3rd place/ 3rd udder Two Year Old
2009 1st place Senior Yearling
2008 6th place Senior Kid

Other Achievements:
2009 Minnesota State Fair Junior Champion

Five Year Old

Three Year Old

Two Year Old

Dry Yearling