Reference- *B Blissberry Almost Had You

DOB: 02/27/2017

                SS: ++*B GCH Kastdemur's Time In A Bottle (05-04 90 EEE)
        S: *B Blissberry Rock Hard (03-04 92 EEE) (N)
                SD: 2*M SGCH Blissberry R Rockin' Robin (03-07 90 VVEE)
*B Blissberry Almost Had You
                DS: *B Wingwood Farm Lucky Tolkien
        D: 5*M SGCH Blissberry Almost Paradise (02-03 88 V+EE)
                DD: 4*M SGCH Blissberry Welcome to Paradise (03-05 91 EEEE)

Description: Had You is a very welcome addition to our small Nubian breeding program! We are very excited to see what he can do for us, and are so thankful to Sara and Dan of Blissberry for letting Deidrago be his home! Had You's dam, SGCH Almost, is a very correct young doe in the Blissberry herd, and seems to be destined for great things! She is as correct and balanced in the scorecard as her dam, SGCH Paradise, and granddam, SGCH Blissberry Rock My World (08-04 92 EEEE), the 2012 ADGA Reserve National Champion. Rock My World is one of our very favorite does, and was also Total Performer at the 2012, 2016, and 2017 ADGA Nationals. Had You's sire, Rock Hard, has sired many lovely offspring (including our Expermental, GCH Princess), and two of them have even LAed EX-92 as young does! 

Had You excels in dairy strength, having a very long neck, a lot of angularity throughout, and maintains beautiful strength and substance. In general appearance, he has a correct, long topline, and absolutely beautiful feet and legs. We love his style and correctness throughout, and are very excited about his influence in our Nubian breeding program. We can't wait to see his first kids in 2018, and are planning of retaining at least 2 of them! 

Dam: 5*M SGCH Blissberry Almost Paradise (02-03 88 V+EE) photos courtesy of Blissberry
3rd place Junior Yearling at 2016 ADGA Nationals

Maternal Granddam: 4*M SGCH Blissberry Welcome to Paradise (03-05 91 EEEE) photos courtesy of Blissberry
8th place Four Year Old at 2016 ADGA Nationals
3rd place Junior Yearling at 2013 ADGA Nationals

Maternal Great Granddam: 3*M SGCH Blissberry Rock My World (08-04 92 EEEE) photos courtesy of Blissberry
1st place with 1st udder Seven & Older at 2017 ADGA Nationals
Total Performer at 2017 ADGA Nationals
3rd place with 3rd udder Seven & Older at 2016 ADGA Nationals
Total Performer at 2016 ADGA Nationals
2012 ADGA National Reserve Senior Champion
2012 ADGA National Reserve Best Udder
1st place with 1st udder Three Year Old at 2012 ADGA Nationals
Total Performer at 2012 ADGA Nationals
1st place with 2nd udder Two Year Old at 2011 ADGA Nationals

Paternal Sister: 7*M SGCH Blissberry RH Vallelujah (03-06 92 EEEE) photos courtesy of Blissberry
4th place Three Year Old at 2017 ADGA Nationals
3rd place Two Year Old at 2016 ADGA Nationals

Paternal Sister: 7*M SGCH Blissberry RH Vallerina (05-05 92 EEEE) photos courtesy of Blissberry
7th place Four Year Old at 2016 ADGA Nationals
7th place Two Year Old at 2014 ADGA Nationals