Reference- GCH White-Haven Vanilla Fudge

DOB: 04/22/2005

                SS: GGG Atheairies Rex
        S: White-Haven Totality
                SD: 6*M SGCH White-Haven Reality (05-02 90 VEEE)
3*M GCH White-Haven Vanilla Fudge
                DS: +*B SGCH White-Haven Krescendo
        D: 2*M GCH White-Haven Choc-O- Latte (05-04 91 EEEV) (J CH: 1999)
                DD: 1*M White-Haven Fudge Ripple

LA: 03-01 91 EEEE

Pictured as a Three Year Old

Description: Fudge is one of our favorite brood does that we have owned and has one of the best personalities we have been able to work with. She is very correct in general appearance, having one of the most correct front end assemblies we have seen. She blends so smoothly throughout, and is extremely dairy and elegant. Fudge is angular throughout, being free from excess fleshing while maintaining correct body capacity, and is very open in her ribs. Her mammary system has a correct shape with good capacity to her fore and rear udder.  After having an ice accident in 2009, she was dried up and thankfully made a good recovery. She remained for a few years as a brood doe, but now resides in the Haycreek herd. 

We have Fudge's 2008 daughter,SGCH Frosting, and her 2011 son, Brownie

National Show Placings:
2008 3rd place Three Year Old

Other Achievements:
Dam of 2009 Colorama Doe, SGCH Sundae
Megan's Showmanship Doe