Reference- SGCH New Dreams W Fudge Frosting

DOB: 03/09/2008

                SS: +B Ober-D’Rainbow Troubeaudour (03-06 88 VEE) 
        S: +B Ober-D’Rainbow TR Winchester 
                SD: Ober-D’Rainbow Bak Matutina 
4*M SGCH New Dreams W Fudge Frosting
                DS: White-Haven Totality 
        D: 3*M GCH White-Haven Vanilla Fudge (03-01 91 EEEE) 
                DD: 2*M GCH White-Haven Choc-O- Latte (05-04 91 EEEV) (J CH: 1999)

LA: 02-06 89 VEEE

Pictured as a Four Year Old

Description: Frosting is the doe that we feel most closely resembles the type of animal we are breeding for- extremely dairy, structurally correct in general appearance, with a well attached and globular mammary system. We absolutely love Frosting's front end assembly; it is extremely clean and smooth blended. She also has a long, level back and correct smoothness and cleanness over the rump. Her strength of general appearance is combined nicely with a beautifully shaped mammary system. We love the shape and capacity to her fore udder and her high, wide rear udder arch. Frosting's overall style with extreme dairy character and femininity is one we are striving for in our breeding program. We are very excited at her success at the Nationals. We sadly lost Frosting in the early spring of 2014. We are happy that she will influence in the Oberhasli breed through her several sons that are working in other herds.

National Show Placings:
2012 2nd place/ 2nd udder Four Year Old
2011 1st place/ 1st udder Three Year Old
2010 5th place Two Year Old
2008 9th place Intermediate Kid

Other Achievements:
2012 Nebraska State Fair Best of Breed
2011 Nebraska State Fair Reserve Senior Champion
Littermate sister to the 2009 Colorama Doe, SGCH New Dreams W Fudge Sundae

Three Year Old

Two Year Old

Dry Yearling