Reference- New Dreams Flirtatious Violet

DOB: 03/26/2010

New Dreams Flirtatious Violet

                SS: +B Ober-D’Rainbow Troubeaudour (03-06 88 VEE) 
        S: +B Ober-D’Rainbow TR Winchester 
                SD: Ober-D’Rainbow Bak Matutina 
New Dreams Flirtatious Violet 
                DS: *B Tonka-Tails Xpert Witness 
        D: GCH Tonka-Tails Yorkshire Violet (J CH: 2008) 
                DD: 2*M SGCH Tonka-Tails Violet of Toulouse (04-04 90 VEEE)(J CH: 2004)

Pictured as a Three Year Old

DescriptionFlirty exhibits the type of animal we were expecting when we bred GCH Violet to Winchester- she is extremely strong in general appearance and very feminine. Flirty displays the extreme dairiness and overall style we are striving for in our breeding program. She is a very elegant, open doe, and shows tremendous angularity throughout. We love her smoothness of blending, especially in the front end assembly. She has an extremely level topline while on the move, and good length to her loin and rump. Also in general appearance, we can't help but love Flirty's balanced head and cute, short ears. Flirty's mammary system is well attached, and we appreciate her strength of medial. This year she has really gained some additional body capacity and has a deep, wide barrel.
We are happy to have retained Flirty's 2014 daughter, Tease.

National Show Placings
2013 9th place Three Year Old
2012 10th place Two Year Old
2011 6th place Senior Yearling
2010 17th place Intermediate Kid

Other Achievements:
2013 Minnesota State Fair 1st place Three Year Old
2013 Nebraska State Fair 2nd place Three Year Old
2013 Iowa State Fair 2nd place Three Year Old
2012 Nebraska State Fair 2nd/1st udder Two Year Old

Two Year Old

Dry Yearling

Intermediate Kid