Reference- New Dreams K Toxic Elixir

DOB: 04/21/2011

                SS: Tonka-Tails Duke of York 
        S: New Dreams KnightInShiningArmr (full brother to 2010 J GCH)
                SD: 2*M SGCH Tonka-Tails Violet of Toulouse (04-04 90 VEEE ) (2004 J GCH) 
New Dreams K Toxic Elixir 
                DS: +B Ober-D’Rainbow TR Winchester 
        D: 1*M SGCH New Dreams Toxic Potion (03-05 91 VEEE) 
                DD: SG New Dreams K Jasmine Potion

Pictured as a Yearling

Description: Elixir excels in length and levelness of topline, as well as smoothness of blending throughout. We like the correct and tight front assembly he has, in addition to his straight and square feet and legs. Elixir mimics his dam in dairiness and openness throughout.

Elixir's dam had the best mammary system that we have bred, with a large area of udder attachment. We really like the shape of her rear udder arch, strength of medial suspensory ligament, and shape and capacity to her fore udder. SGCH Toxic was also a doe that balanced dairy character and body capacity well, being deep and wide but still elegant and dairy. Elixir's sire lines incorporate some of the strongest Tonka-Tails lines, with three Junior National Champions within the immediate family. These lines excelled in levelness of topline, strength of bone, and dairiness throughout.

We used Elixir on a limited number of does the first year, only getting triplet does out of GCH SemiSweet. The doeling retained, Buckwheat, is very exciting and one of our promising young animals. He sired mostly bucks for us before we leased him and then sold him to our friends at Whisper-N-Creek. We plan on using Elixir through AI in the future.

Semen is available for $25/straw or $100 per unit

Other Achievements:
Sire of 2012 Raffle Kid, Polenta

Dam: SGCH New Dreams Toxic Potion (03-05 91 VEEE)

Paternal Granddam: SGCH Tonka-Tails Violet of Toulouse
2004 Junior National Champion
Dam of 2008 and 2010 Junior National Champions