Reference- New Dreams Chat Constellation

DOB: 03/11/2012 
New Dreams Chat Constellation

                SS: *B GCH Becca’s Hemingway 
        S: *B Heart Mt Chattahoochee 
                SD: 3*M SGCH Heart Mt ChitChat (04-06 92 EEEE) 
New Dreams Chat Constellation 
                DS: Unknown 
        D: CH Sasnak’s Valentina (2010 Best Udder) 
                DD: CH Solid Gold Dorothy 

Pictured as a two year old

Description: In 2011, we leased Constellation's dam and got this lovely doe to retain.  She is a really smooth blended doe, and has a lot of width throughout. She also shows a lot of straightness of bone in her feet and legs and is structurally sound all around. After having a rough kidding in 2014 and briefly struggling with mastitis, we made the decision to dry her up. The good functioning side of her mammary system was correctly attached and had a beautiful shape. After freshening in 2015 with a damaged mammary system and an almost non functioning half, we sold her to our good friends of Panacea Dairy Goats- the breeder of her dam, CH Valentina. We hope they have success with Constellation as a valuable brooddoe.

National Show Placings: 
2013 3rd place Senior Yearling 

Other Achievements: 
2013 Iowa State Fair 1st place Senior Yearling 
2012 Nebraska State Fair Junior Champion 
Earned dry leg

Dry Yearling

Intermediate Kid