Reference- New Dreams E Choco Mountain

DOB: 05/10/2012

                SS: *B Kastdemur’s Dasani (02-06 88 VEE) 
        S: *B Heart Mt Dasani New Era 
(Littermate brother to Nuance) 
                SD: 1*M GCH Becca’s Tweed Nuisance (06-07 91 EEEE) 
New Dreams E Choco Mountain
                DS: Autumn-Acres Talon Willoughby 
        D: Lassenwood Willoughby Chawhee 
                DD: CH Lassenwood Jrupaul Chocwee

Description: Choco Mt is a young buck that shows a lot of strength of feet and legs and smoothness of blending. He has very correct, tight pasterns and correctly angulated rear legs. His front end is tightly blended against the body wall and he shows a lot of his sire's length of neck and dairy character. Choco Mt provides us an opportunity to bring in some new lines yet maintain consistency within our herd. 

Choco Mt's dam, Chawhee, is a doe that is stunning in general appearance. We absolutely love her length and levelness of topline and the smooth attachments to her mammary system. We were able to lease her in 2012 from the Panacea herd, and retained Choco Mountain for several breeding seasons. Chawhee has several daughters who are similar in strength of general appearance and mammary system.  We have a few daughters out of Choco Mountain, and are anxious to watch them mature. 

Dam: Lassenwood Willoughby Chawhee

Maternal Sister: Sasnak's Hawk Zanther

Sire's Full Sister: GCH Heart Mt Dasani Nuance (05-01 91 VEEE)