Reference- Deidrägo JR Twisted Cersei

DOB: 02/26/2014
Deidrägo JR Twisted Cersei

                SS: *B White-Haven Big Hunk
        S: +*B New Dreams BH Jolly Rancher (05-03 90 VEE)
                SD: 2*M SGCH New Dreams Ju Ju Bee  (03-02 90 VEVE)
Deidrago JR Twisted Cersei
                DS: +*B SG White-Haven 'NTrust (04-02 89 VEE)
        D: 2*M GCH New Dreams Twisted Sister (05-02 90 VEEV)
                DD: 1*M Tonka-Tails Tuscan Sunrise

Pictured at ThreeYears Old
LA: 03-06 88 VEVE
02-07 90 VEVE

Description: Cersei is proving to be a balanced doe and is reminiscent of her dam, GCH Twist. Cersei excels in general appearance, being strong on the feet and legs with strong pasterns and a straight column of bone . She is also wide and flat in the rump from thurl to thurl, and has a tight, smoothly blended front end assembly. Although not the largest doe, we feel she is extremely correct and stylish. We love the shape of Cersei's mammary system, and the strengths of attachment all around. Her mammary system is strongly supported and balanced from the side view. Her rear udder is high and wide, with strong medial support. Cersei is also a dairy doe, balancing femininity with strength and substance. 

We sadly lost Cersei to kidney complications after a traumatic kidding in 2018. We are so thankful she left us with two live doekids- Raven and Lioness- and look forward to their contribution to our breeding program. 

National Show Placings:
2017 12th place Three Year Old
2016 13th place Two Year Old

Other Achievements:
2017 Nebraska State Fair Reserve Senior Champion
2015 Kansas State Fair 1st place Yearling Milker
2014 District V Speciality 1st place Senior Kid
Has earned 1 leg

Two Year Old

Yearling Milker

Senior Kid