Reference- New Dreams EX Buckwheat

DOB: 03/02/2012

                SS: New Dreams KnightInShiningArmr 
        S: New Dreams K Toxic Elixir 
                SD: 1*M SGCH New Dreams Toxic Potion (03-05 91 EEEE) 
New Dreams EX Buckwheat
                DS: *B White-Haven Big Hunk
        D: 1*M GCH New Dreams Semi-Sweet (02-07 88 VVVV) 
                DD: New Dreams Survivor

Pictured as a Three Year old
LA: 03-02 89 VEVV

Description: Buckwheat is a very striking doe, and has been continuously one of our favorites in general appearance. We love how sharp and angular she is all the way down her level topline. She excels in smoothness of blending, especially in her correct front end assembly. Like her sire, she has good width and flatness of rump and nice strength of bone. Buckwheat is our most productive doe, and we appreciate the capacity to her mammary system. Her rear udder arch and strength of medial is impressive. We sold Buckwheat in the summer of 2015 after having two lovely daughters to retain.

We have retained two of Buckwheat's doelings, 2014 Boulevard and 2015 Hopliua (Experimental).

National Show Placings:
2014 19th place Two Year Old
2013 10th place Senior Yearling
2012 11th place Intermediate Kid

Other Achievements:
Earned dry leg
Littermate sister to 2012 Raffle kid, Polenta

Two Year Old

Dry Yearling

Intermediate Kid