Reference- GCH Blissberry Aloe Vera

DOB: 03/10/2012 (Pictured at Five Years Old)

                SS: ++*B Kastdemur's King of the Hill (08 Premier Sire)
        S: +*B Kastdemur's Californication (04-03 90 EEE)
                SD: 5*M SGCH Kastdemur's Temerity (05-06 93 EEEE)
                             (GCH: 2009, 2008)
12*M GCH Blissberry Aloe Vera
                DS: +*B Kastdemur's Full Monty
        D: 11*M GCH Blissberry FM Vera Cruz (05-05 91 VEEE)
                DD: 10*M SGCH Kastdemur's FS Santa Cruz (05-06 92 EEEE)

G6S Normal

Linear Appraisal   DHIA
 03-06 89 VEEV  AGE:  DIM - MILK - FAT - PRO 
 02-05 86 +EEV  01-02: 249 - 2050 - 99 - 78
   02-00: 305 - 2740 - 132 - 105
   03-01: 206 - 2100 - 103 - 79

Description: Lovely, lovely Aloe! She is a doe that we have admired for a long time, and when the opportunity came to bring Aloe into our Nubian breeding program, we couldn't have been more thrilled! She is a doe that has always excelled in balance throughout, with a stylish body and beautiful mammary system. We love Aloe's level, wide topline and flat rump . She is a smoothly blended doe with a beautiful and tight front end assembly. We also admire her beautiful head and breed character (those ears!). Aloe exhibits a lot of dairy strength, with a long neck and exceptional angularity throughout. Aloe's mammary system is well attached with a beautiful capacious and extended fore udder. Her rear udder arch is high and wide, and she has a strong medial suspensory ligament. To add frosting to the cake, Aloe has one of the gentlest and sweetest personalities you could ask for! 

We look forward to Aloe's impact in our breeding program, and know that she has a lot to bring to our Nubian herd. 

Progeny in the Herd:
2016 - Ginkgo

 Three Year OldTwo Year Old 
 Milking YearlingIntermediate Kid