Reference- New Dreams JR Toxic Addiction

DOB: 03/08/2009

                SS: *B White-Haven Big Hunk
        S: *B New Dreams BH Jolly Rancher
                SD: 2*M SGCH New Dreams Ju Ju Bee
New Dreams JR Toxic Addiction
                DS: +B Ober-D'Rainbow TR Winchester
        D: 1* M SGCH New Dreams Toxic Potion (03-05 91 VEEE)
                DD: SG New Dreams K Jasmine Potion

Pictured as a Three Year Old

Description: Addiction is one of our favorite does, so we were very disappointed when she contracted mastitis several weeks after freshening as a two year old. We dried her up and treated her several times hoping to give her a lot of time to remodel her mammary tissue. She freshened without mastitis as a three year old, but it is apparent that some damage was done to her udder.  She still stands out for her overall style and is extremely strong in general appearance. Addiction is a long bodied, smoothly blended doe that stands on strong feet and legs. She exhibits a lot of dairy character, being very sharp and angular throughout. We think that she exhibits traits from both sides of her pedigree. We are disappointed that Addiction never gave us any daughters to retain.

National Show Placings:
2010 9th place Senior Yearling
2009 8th place Intermediate Kid

Other Achievements:
2012 Minnesota State Fair 2nd place Three Year Old
2010 Nebraska State Fair Junior Champion
2009 Nebraska State Fair Junior Champion
2009 Nebraska State Fair Best Junior Doe in Show

Two Year Old, just fresh, 12 hours full

Dry Yearling

Intermediate Kid