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Deidrago BR Pangeas Raichu

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DOB: 04/08/2016

                SS: New Dreams W Licorice (AB)
        S: +B New Dreams L Fudge Brownie (E)
                SD: 3*M GCH White-Haven Vanilla Fudge (03-01 91 EEEE) (E)
Deidrago BR Pangeas Raichu
                DS:++*B SG Tempo Aquila Freelance (05-03 91 EEE) (AA)
        D: CH Deidrago FRLN Pandoras Pangea (04-03 92 EEEE) (E)
                DD: CH New Dreams W Wanetas Pandora (05-01 88 VVVV) (E)

Pictured at One Years Old

Description: Raichu is an Experimental buck that has all Experimental progeny. We look forward to crossing some of our non conforming Experimental does to him and combining our experimental genetics. His dam, CH Pangea, is a 50% Alpine doe that has some unique strengths within our herd. We absolutely adore her natural upstandingness, dairy frame, and capacity to fore udder. With Brownie as Raichu's sire, we are excited about his genetical potential. We love the dairy strength of his full sister, Rodinia (EX-90)

Raichu excels in dairy strength, with correctness in general appearance. He is very angular throughout, with a clean bone pattern and open ribs. In general appearance, Raichu excels in strength of feet and legs with correct pasterns, and he has a naturally level topline. His rump is wide and flat from thurl to thurl and his smoothly blended frame is eyecatching while on the move.

Raichu produced some lovely kids for us in 2017 (most of them were bucks), but we did not retain any. We are looking forward to keeping several of his 2018 daughters! 

Semen is available for $100/5 straw unit. 

Dam: CH Deidrago FRLN Pandoras Pangea (04-04 92 EEEE)
1st/1st Four Year Old at 2017 ADGA Nationals
4th place Three Year Old at 2016 ADGA Nationals
3rd place Senior Yearling at 2014 ADGA Nationals
2nd place Junior Kid at 2013 ADGA Nationals
4x Best in Show, 16x Best of Breed
CH Deidrägo FRLN Pandoras Pangea

Full Sister: Deidrago BR Pangeas Rodinia (02-06 90 EEEV)
10th place Two Year Old at 2017 ADGA Nationals
3rd place Yearling Milker at 2016 ADGA Nationals
Deidrägo BR Pangeas Rodinia

Paternal Sister: CH Deidrago BR Pandoras Mad Moxxi (03-05 88 VV+E) (Experimental)
3rd place Three Year Old at 2017 ADGA Nationals
5th place Two Year Old at 2016 ADGA Nationals
Deidrägo BR Pandoras Mad Moxxi

Paternal Granddam: 3*M GCH White-Haven Vanilla Fudge (03-01 91 EEEE)