Breeding Plans

2017-18 Breeding Plans listed below. Contact us at to reserve your kid!
** indicates pregnancy confirmed via BioTracking biopryn test

We also have several adult animals available for sale- email us for more information!

Oberhasli Does Buck Due Reservations / Availability
 SGCH Rajah Deidrago KV Rheas Dionysus (kids are E) Apr 13 **Nothing Available
 SGCH Faline New Dreams L Fudge Brownie
 Mar 23Nothing Available
 CH Nakoma Deidrago BR Whats Skor Mar 91 buck available- $800
 Cersei Deidrago BR Nakomas War Cry Mar 9Nothing Available
 Envy Deidrago BR Whats Skor Mar 2Nothing Available
 Nightwatch Deidrago BH Mochas Kovu Mar 23Nothing Available
 Belle  Deidrago BR Whats Skor Apr 20 **Nothing Available
 Leia  (AI) Heaven's Hollow Sugar Daddy Mar 9Nothing Available
 Riverbend Deidrago BR Whats Skor Mar 16Nothing Available
 Diamonds  Deidrago BR Pangeas Raichu (kids are E) Apr 13 **1 doe available- $400 (Experimental)
 Experimental Does   
 CH Pangea Deidrago KV Rheas Dionysus Jun 1All does retained
 CH Moxxi Deidrago BH Mochas Kovu Mar 23Nothing Available
 GCH Princess Deidrago BR Pangeas Raichu Mar 9 Nothing Available
 Rodinia Deidrago BH Mochas Kovu Mar 9Nothing Available
 CH Hopliua Deidrago BR Nakomas War Cry  May 4Nothing Available
 Rhea ET recip Mar 2
Nothing Available
 Polyjuice ET recip Mar 2Nothing Available
 Riff-Raff (yearling) Deidrago KV Rheas Dionysus May 4 **Nothing Available
 Oasis (yearling) Deidrago BR Pangeas Raichu Apr 13 **Nothing Available
 Eevee (yearling) Deidrago BR Pangeas Raichu Apr 13 **Nothing Available
 Nubian Does   
 GCH Aloe Blissberry Almost Had You Feb 9 **Nothing Available
 CH Catching Fire Blissberry Almost Had You Mar 9 **Nothing Available
 Juicyfruit Blissberry Almost Had You Mar 16Nothing Available
 I Burn Hot Deidrago BB Fires Mellark Mar 16Nothing Available
 Ginkgo (yearling) Blissberry Almost Had You May 11**1 doe available- $500

Terms of Sale: We require a $100 deposit to reserve a kid, and will let you know where you stand on the reservation list. Please send a first and second choice with your deposit. We reserve the right to retain any kid to maintain our own breeding program, as well as breeder's right of purchasing 20 straws at cost of collection from any buck sold. We ask that you refrain from marketing semen on any buck sold until several daughters have been evaluated in milk. Deposits determine reservation order, and are non-refundable on cancelled orders. If the kid of your choosing is not born, we will happily refund your deposit, transfer it to another kid, or hold it for the following year. An animal is not considered reserved until a deposit has been received. Deposits received on mature animals will hold the animal for 2 weeks. Sending a deposit on a mature animal is a guarantee you will buy the animal, and is non-refundable. 

Prices quoted are for kids reserved before they are born, and picked up or shipped by four weeks of age. We require full payment to be received by 2 weeks from notification of birth. If payment is not received, the reservation and deposit is forfeit. When we sell an animal, we can only guarantee that, to the best of our knowledge, they are healthy, happy, and free of defects when they leave the farm. We cannot guarantee any animal’s CAE status, longevity, health, or competitive success when they move to a new herd. We cannot also guarantee that a Nubian kid will be born a specific color. If a kid is rejected based on color, it is considered a cancelled order and your deposit will be forfeit. If you have any concerns or would like testing to be done on the animal before they leave our farm, we will be more than happy to discuss this with you. 

Shipping expenses off of the farm are the responsibility of the buyer, and include airfare, transport, shipping crate, CVI, and any additional testing performed. When a shipping or pick-up date has been agreed upon by both parties, all monies received will be non-refundable if the sale is canceled within 7 days of the agreed upon date. Kids must be picked up or shipped by 4 weeks of age. We try to attend the ADGA National Show every summer, and are normally willing to transport kids to the show for a fair boarding fee for their extra stay. Contact us for more information. 

 Any semen sold must be paid for in full before the semen is considered reserved. All semen must be picked up by December 31st of that year or the ownership reverts back to Deidrago. Transport for semen to ADGA Nationals every summer and any show we attend is normally available, with advanced notice. Contact us for more information. 

By making a reservation with a deposit, you accept and agree to our Terms of Sale in its entirety. Thank you for your interest in our herd.