Thank you for your interest in our herd. Deidrägo Dairy Goats is the herd owned and managed by Megan Okeson and Russell Paulsen in Topeka, Kansas. We raise Oberhasli, Nubian, and Experimental dairy goats. Oberhasli remain the focus of our breeding program. With our work with Experimentals, we try to push our breeding program further.  We strive to breed animals that are stylish, structurally sound, and productive. Our goal is to breed animals that excel in balance throughout, being strong in general appearance and mammary system and also appropriately strong yet feminine. We place importance on strength of feet and legs, front end assemblies, and shape of mammary system.

2016 has proven to be a very successful year for our herd. Four of our animals earned their permanent championship status and our animals brought home 3 Best Senior Doe in Show awards! Our four year old Oberhasli, CH New Dreams CB Mochas Rajah, was crowned ADGA National Champion and Reserve Best Udder and was also honored with a Linear Appraisal score of 04-05 EX92 VEEE! We are very excited for the future of our herd, and thank everyone who helps us behind the scenes as well as those that influence our breeding program. 

Care of our animals is extremely important to us. Our goats are raised on strict CAE prevention, with bi-annual testing, given regular CDT and Pasteurella vaccinations, and receive dewormer, selenium supplementation, and copper boluses as needed. Our animals receive high quality 
local alfalfa hay, a commercial 16% dairy feed, Noble Goat, a commercial 12% all stock feed, pelleted beet pulp, and free choice loose minerals and baking soda. We manage and change diets for each group of animals depending on their physiological state. All of our mature animals have access to large grass pastures and we strive to provide them with fun goat-like toys and treats (enrichment). Every day we evaluate the health of our animals to ensure they can live to their maximum genetic potential. 

Please visit our About Us page for more background on our family!

We always enjoy talking with other dairy goat breeders, so if you have any questions or comments please send us an email. Thank you again for your interest in our herd. 
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